Special & Community Event Permits

The City of Port Lincoln can provide you, your organisation or association with a Special Event Permit if you wish to use Council footpaths, land, parks or gardens for any purpose.

2-9-T2 Special Event Permit Application - Busking
2-9-T3 Special Event Permit Application - Street Stalls (to ensure you meet food safety requirements please click here)
2-9-T5 Foreshore Banners & Entrance Way Signs Application 
2-9-T6 Community Displays Permit Application
2-38-T20 Event Safety Risk Assessment and Event Management Plan
6-6-T2 Equipment Hire Application
16-6-T31 Community Event Permit Application
16-6-T6 Private Functions in Council Parks, Land or Reserves
Applications must be completed and submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event date. Please attach a copy of your current insurance policy showing coverage of a minimum ten million dollars ($10,000,000) and submit the completed application to our office.

Permitted Use of Local Government Land - By Law No. 4

For activities covered under Council's By Law No. 4 the following application needs to be completed and approved by Council.

Examples of activities covered under this By Law are:

  • Handing out printed material (stickers, pamphlets)
  • Placing handbills/flyers on cars

To download a permit for Permitted Use of Local Government Land click 2-9-T4 By-law Permit Application

To view a copy of the By Law No. 4 and a listing of all the activities requiring a permit click By-law 4 - Local Government Land By-law 2011

Oval and Turf Usage Licence Agreement

To use the Ravendale Oval an Oval and Turf Usage Licence agreement is required. This is required for a one off usage and for usage over a set period of time.

Please note the General Conditions of Licence and provide information where instructed.

16-6-T1 Oval Turf and Reserve Permit