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How to pay your Rates

Payment of Rates

Payment of Rates for the 2018/2019 financial year will be in quarterly payments due by:

  • 14 September 2018
  • 7 December 2018
  • 1 March 2019
  • 7 June 2019

A quarterly notice will be sent to ratepayers 30 days prior to each due date. A ratepayer may also pay their rates in a single instalment due by 14 September 2018. To make bill-paying more convenient for customers, the City of Port Lincoln provides the following services for the payment of your rates account.

  • BPAY service - using telephone or internet. BPAY is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The City of Port Lincoln's Biller code is 9639 located on your rates notice. Contact your Bank or financial institution for further details.

  • Payment through the mail - by posting a cheque with the tear off remittance advice to City of Port Lincoln, PO Box 1787, Port Lincoln SA 5606.

  • Payment in person - at the City of Port Lincoln Council Administration Office, Level One, Civic Centre, 60 Tasman Terrace, Port Lincoln - Cheque, cash and EFTPOS facilities are available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

  • Pay with your credit card via Council website at anytime.

Click 7-69-T2 Rates Arrears Payment Plan Agreement and complete form if you would like to enter into a payment plan to pay off outstanding Council rates debt.

Discount for Early Payment

Council is offering a 2% discount for early payment of rates received in full on or before Friday 14 September 2018. This discount is not applicable to the Natural Resources Management Levy, Waste or Recycling Service Charges.

Late Payment of Rates

Section 181(8) of the Local Government Act provides that Councils may impose a penalty of 2% on any late payments rates. A payment that continues to be outstanding is then charged an interest rate, set each year according to a formula in the Act, for each month it continues to be late. The purpose of this penalty is to act as a genuine deterrent to ratepayers who might otherwise fail to pay their rates on time, to allow Councils to recover administrative costs of following up unpaid rates and to cover any interest cost the Council may meet because it has not received the rates on time.

A quarterly reminder notice will be issued showing the amount outstanding including any fines and interest levied.

The Council is prepared to consider remission of penalties for late payment of rates where ratepayers can demonstrate hardship.

Rates, which continue to be overdue, are referred to a collection agency for collection. The debt collection agency charges collection fees which are recoverable from the ratepayer. When the Council receives a payment in respect of overdue rates the Council applies the money received as follows:

  • First - to satisfy any costs awarded in connection with court proceedings;
  • Second - to satisfy any interest costs;
  • Third - in payment of any fines imposed;
  • Fourth - in payment of rates, in chronological order (starting with the oldest account first).

Sale of Land for Non-Payment Of Rates

The Local Government Act provides that a Council may sell any property where the rates have been in arrears for three years or more. The Council is required to notify the owner of the land of its intention to sell the land, provide the owner with details of the outstanding amounts, and advise the owner of its intention to sell the land if payment of the outstanding amount is not received within one month.


Pursuant to Section 171(5) of the Local Government Act 1999, a rate cannot be challenged on the basis of non-compliance with this policy and must be paid in accordance with the required payment provisions.

What your rates do for you

Council is responsible for delivering services and facilities that contribute to building strong and vibrant communities.  To learn more about what your rates do for you visit the Local Government Association of South Australia website for rates factsheets and more information.  

City of Port Lincoln
City of Port Lincoln ABN: 80 776 127 243
PO Box 1787, PORT LINCOLN SA 5606
Level One, Civic Centre, 60 Tasman Terrace, Port Lincoln
Telephone: 08 8621 2300 | Fax: 08 8621 2399 | Email:
City of Port Lincoln ABN: 80 776 127 243
PO Box 1787, PORT LINCOLN SA 5606
Level One, Civic Centre,
60 Tasman Terrace, Port Lincoln
Telephone: 08 8621 2300 | Fax: 08 8621 2399
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